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Pittsburgh Internet Crimes Defense Lawyer

If you are facing allegations of an internet crime, it is important to know that there are many regulatory agencies, organizations and law enforcement task forces that work cases with a strong intention of gaining convictions. Many agencies often communicate across state lines or use forms of interstate technology in the process of committing a crime that can allow them to be charged as federal crimes. When this is the case, law enforcement agencies typically have a great deal of resources to accumulate evidence and vigorously prosecute defendants. Due to this fact, qualified and internet-savvy legal defense becomes increasingly important to a successful resolution.

The Law Offices of David S. Shrager is composed of dedicated criminal defense attorneys who have more than 30 years of experience each. Throughout the years, they have seen the evolution of computer technology and the internet and have also seen the ways legislation has adapted to regulate and police the internet itself. We also work closely with clients to fully analyze the circumstances of their internet case and to utilize any technical information they can provide. As internet crimes rise and the number crimes and victims increase, legal systems on both the state and federal level have made great efforts to punish and prevent further internet offenses.

What are internet crimes?

There are many types of internet crimes, also known as cybercrime. It must be mentioned that the area of law surrounding internet crimes evolves and changes as routinely as the internet and technology industry itself. This means that offenses can be difficult to prove and are open to much interpretation. Our attorneys have experience in defending a number of internet charges and can help you with any of the following crimes:

  • Identity theft
  • Fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • E-mail fraud
  • Internet sex crimes
  • Cyber threats and scams
  • Piracy or intellectual property theft
  • Online auction fraud

Throughout the years, our attorneys have defended a diverse set of cybercrime charges, and this field continues to be a large part of our firm's criminal defense practice. As such, our firm makes it a point to consistently remain in the loop about current events, news, and the laws and regulations governing internet crime. In fact, the FBI frequently publishes new literature on high-tech crimes, their efforts to combat them and the ways in which victims can protect themselves. The FBI takes internet crimes extremely seriously and has some of the top minds in the industry working on their side.

The FBI goes to extreme lengths to target cyber-based terrorism, computer intrusions, online sexual exploitation and major cyber frauds. These internet offenses are commonly prosecuted as wire fraud, which is a federal offense. Under 18 USC §1343, wire fraud is defined as any use of false or fraudulent promises, representations or communication across state lines or in foreign commerce. With the internet's ability to connect global users, this is often the case. Wire fraud charges alone can result in hefty fines, imprisonment for up to 20 years, or both. When the fraud involves a financial institution, such as a bank, penalties are increased to fines as large as $1,000,000, imprisonment up to 30 years, or both.

Highly Technical Defense

It would be nearly impossible to adequately defend internet charges without a keen technical knowledge of the ways in which the internet works, the laws that govern cyber space, the ways government agencies police cybercrimes and the common methods used to prosecute them. Our firm is familiar with all of these factors and has incorporated them successfully in our defense strategies. The FBI wants nothing more than to gain convictions and they work tirelessly to stay in front of emerging trends by sharing information and intelligence with the public and private sectors both in the US and abroad. Our firm knows that favorable resolutions also depend on maintaining a strong working knowledge of the internet industry.

The Law Offices of David S. Shrager is not intimidated by the extensive resources and techniques of government agencies such as the FBI. We are confident not only in the skills, talent and experience of our attorneys, but also in our ability to thoroughly dedicate our time and effort into investigating cases on our own and developing sharp and effective defense strategies. If you are being charged with an internet crime, your case and its favorable resolution can greatly benefit from the immediate evaluation by an attorney from our firm. These are heavily investigated crimes and it is imperative that you do not delay in working on your defense with our firm.

Prospective clients should also know that aside from the sheer difficulty and aggressive law enforcement work inherent to internet crimes, many online offenses are charged in conjunction with other crimes. Many white collar crimes and drug crimes utilize the internet in the course of their offenses. When this is the case, penalties are enhanced and legal representation becomes a virtual necessity to your case's favorable resolution. Our firm also routinely uses our solid reputation as tough litigators to get certain charges dropped or to arrange an acceptable plea agreement, when applicable. Do not wait until it is too late and you have no alternatives. Contact The Law Offices of David S. Shrager as soon as possible to discuss the nature of your internet crime case or to set up a free case evaluation.


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